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Kyiv, 1 February 2019 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, is announcing a tender for software development for the digital stock management system for medicines and medical products.

This platform will automate and facilitate process management in supplies, logistics, medicines and medical products stock management in Ukraine. It will also make it possible to keep the public better informed about the medicines procured using state and local budgets.

Currently, the public is notified through the websites of regional health departments, but information about procured medicines is often not updated regularly and there are no data on the stocks of medicines and medical products. Some regional departments have no working website, so people living in the region are unable to obtain the necessary information.

"Thanks to the eStock digital system, the Ministry of Health will improve its oversight and management of logistics and medicines and medical products stock management processes all over Ukraine. Launching eStock will improve our understanding of existing local demand and will help us not only to ensure continuous availability of medicines for patients but also to minimize the loss of medicines by way of reducing the number of rejects and surplus," said Olga Stefanyshyna, Deputy Minister of Health for European Integration.

Launching this platform and automating the medicines stock management process will facilitate the work of medical staff, as it will become easier for them to control receipt, consumption, writing-off, inventory reconciliation, and redistribution of medical products and, most importantly, will allow patients to receive the necessary medicines and treatment quicker and without delays. eStock also enables integration and data exchange with other systems, such as the eHealth electronic health care system, ProZorro and others.

“Since 2015, UNDP has been providing support to the population of Ukraine and to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine by procuring critically important medicines and delivering essential treatment to patients. We are also sharing the best international practices with our partners, and helping them to create a well-designed, efficient and transparent system of public procurement, which will allow important medicines and medical products to be purchased for the population of Ukraine,” said Blerta Cela, Deputy Director of UNDP in Ukraine.

“We are very glad that after a long period of coordination on technical issues and meetings with representatives of the public and IT sectors, we can proceed to announce the tender for software development for the system, which brings us one step closer to health care reform, and to building a transparent and efficient procurement system,” Cela added. 

Detailed information on the terms and conditions of participation in the tender.

Applications to participate in the tender will be accepted until 28 February 2019.

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