The Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched a UNDP-supported educational series of videos on the basic principles of a barrier-free environment.

Illustration: Ministry of Digital Transformation

Kyiv, 21 December 2021 – The Ministry of Digital Transformation has presented a new educational course “Barrier-free Literacy” which was developed at the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenksa in partnership with the Presidential Advisor-Commissioner on Barrier-free issues, the Barrier-Free civil society organization, representatives of civil society, and experts.

The educational course was launched with the support of the “Human Rights for Ukraine” project which is being implemented by UNDP and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The educational course consists of eight series of videos, each 6-10 minutes long, and covers the basic principles of a barrier-free environment based on examples from everyday life. 

During the presentation, the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Oleksandr Shelest said that according to a recent study of the digital skills of Ukrainians conducted by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in 2021, some 52.4 percent of people with hearing impairments are eager to develop their digital literacy.  

This demonstrates public demand for inclusive content and implementation of the barrier-free principles in different areas of life,” said Shelest. “The new educational series of videos is an important part of a raising awareness campaign about barrier-free environment as a new social norm.”

Programme Specialist, Democratic Governance Team Leader Olena Ursu said during the presentation that UNDP shares the values that underlie the concept of a barrier-free environment, and supports the implementation of the National Strategy on Building a Barrier-free Environment in Ukraine, and its Action Plan.

“(We want) to make the barrier-free environment a new social norm, so that men and women in Ukraine know as much as possible about its basic principles,” said Ursu. “With this in mind, we’ve developed an educational course to demonstrate how each of us know how to assist in breaking exiting barriers to promote the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine, which aim to build a sustainable and better future for everyone, leaving no one behind.”

Presidential Advisor-Commissioner on Barrier-free issues Tetiana Lomakina underlined that there is high demand for educational products that explain new social norms when new approaches are introduced at the state level.

“When First Lady Olena Zelenska’s initiative on barrier-free environment became a part of state policy, demand for educational courses on Barrier-free literacy appeared,” said Lomakina. “Our aim is to familiarize the viewers of this course with barrier-free principles, based on examples from every-day life, what kind of barriers exist, and why building a barrier-free environment is a matter of everyone.”

The course is available on the platform Dia.Education and is free of charge.  

This course answers these questions:

·         What is a barrier-free environment?

·         What causes barriers?

·         Who deals with barriers?

·         Why it is important to eliminate discrimination and stereotypes?

·         Are Ukrainians ready to break down barriers?

·         Why does our society need a barrier-free environment?

·         Why is a barrier-free environment everyone’s concern?

The course is produced by video production company Ninepro.

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Yuliia Samus, UNDP in Ukraine Communications Team Leader,

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