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In spite of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, Maria has not given up her dream of opening her own dressmaking studio, and is confidently moving towards her goal.  

A Hero who Helps and Heals from the Heart

A doctor from eastern Ukraine enters harm’s way to treats patients in need.  

The environment in your hands: How the SaveEcoBot app helps you stop air pollution

Do you want to know if you breathing clean air when you go outside? And have you ever wondered what you could do help improve Ukraine’s air quality?  

Three Pillars of Environmental Start-up: Team, Idea, and Patience

“If you think that the life of a start-up is all about development, pitching, and looking for money for your ideas — well, that’s exactly how things are!” says Andriy Hnap, co-founder and СЕО of the…  

Tetiana Bakotska: “Environmental journalism is a lifestyle rather than a way to earn a living”

To write on environmental topics, you have to change yourself first. Then you can change the audience you write for, according to Tetiana Bakotska, a graduate of the UNDP School of Environmental…  

Turning Slavutych into Solar Town

Energy generation in Ukraine is becoming distributed. While some welcome this, others watch the process with some skepticism.  

Ukraine’s environmental priorities in 13 visual infographics

More than half of Ukrainians believe taking urgent and immediate action to combat climate change would be good for both the environment and the economy.  

Responsibility in action: Ukrainian jewellery brand uses plastic waste for sustainable fashion

Earrings made from recycled materials aren’t just attractive because of their design: They also convey the message that fashion should be environmentally friendly, and consumption should be…  

World Tourism Day: Explore Ukraine

The world celebrates World Tourism Day on 27 September. This year however, due to COVID-19, many travellers have had to cancel their trips or change their initial plans.  

Green light and green license plates to electric cars

Noiseless and emission-free road transport is no longer a wonder on Ukrainian highways.  

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