Environmental Impact Assessment in Ukraine – Preparatory Support to the Launch of the National Registry

Project summary

The project's objective is to develop a well-functioning Unified National Environmental Impact Assessment Registry, fully congruent to the appropriate EU standards and the context of Ukraine.

The Registry is aimed at simplifying the process of conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure for new projects, raising public awareness of potential projects and risks related to them, and ensuring transparency in the decision-making process. The online tool records and makes publicly available the assessment of the potential effects of the project on the environment and people’s health, as well as recording decisions and measures taken to reduce the negative environmental impact of the planned activity. The Registry contains open documentation for business and the public at all stages of the EIA procedure, which reduces the potential for corruption in the decision-making process and contributes to the democratization of Ukrainian society.

The key project result is the provision of software, as well as support for the Registry's implementation.

Project Goals

·         Development of software for the creation of an automated electronic Unified National Environmental Impact Assessment Registry (EIA Registry) system in Ukraine.

·         Provision of technical assistance and communications support for the initial period of entering cases into the EIA Registry.

Expected Results

·         Unified National Environmental Impact Assessment Registry system is developed and is fully functional.

·         Technical assistance to the first registered cases is provided.

Project start date:

December 2017

Estimated end date:

December 2019

Focus area:

·  accelerate structural transformations

Funding Support by

Donor name

·  Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA)

Amount contributed


Partners: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Regional State Administrations (Environmental Departments), non-governmental organizations, business and local communities.

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