European Union/United Nations Development Programme “Home Owners of Ukraine for Sustainable Energy Solutions (HOUSES)” project


Improving the level of energy efficiency across different sectors of the Ukrainian economy is a top priority for Ukraine. The housing and communal sector, which has a direct effect on the quality of life of millions of Ukrainians, is completely unsustainable due to high levels of energy and heat consumption, outdated infrastructure and heating systems, significant gas wastage, and an aging housing stock. The European Union (EU) is implementing the Energy Efficiency Support Programme for Ukraine (EE4U), which is intended to increase energy efficiency in the Ukrainian residential sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, the EU and Germany are supporting the activities of the Energy Efficiency Fund, established by the Government of Ukraine, which will provide technical and financial support to energy efficiency measures in multi-apartment buildings across the country. The UNDP will provide the technical assistance through the project, which lasts from 1 October 2018 until 30 September 2020.

Project summary

The Project’s main objective is to mobilize Ukrainian homeowners and motivate them to improve energy efficiency in the buildings where they live. At the local level throughout the country[1] the project will support the creation and the development of the capacity of newly created and existing Home Owners Associations (HOAs), which are intended to develop energy efficiency improvement projects and apply for financing to the newly established Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Fund.

Over its two-year implementation period, the project will organize a public information campaign at the national, regional and local levels to inform the public at large and local communities about the new energy efficiency legislation, the Energy Efficiency Fund’s programmes, and its financing mechanisms. The project will also carry out a series of group and individual consultations with active homeowners willing to set up HOAs, pre-existing HOAs and local authorities on establishing HOAs, on book-keeping and financial management, and on how to seek and obtain financing for home improvement projects.

While implementing the Project, UNDP will use its strong partnership with local authorities as well as its almost a decade's worth of experience of social mobilization for the implementation of joint local initiatives, which was obtained within the EU/UNDP ‘Community Based Approach to Local Development’ project (2008 – 2017). During the project, UNDP will work in close cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

[1] The EU/UNDP “Home owners of Ukraine for sustainable energy solutions (HOUSES)” project is being implemented across the whole territory of Ukraine, except the temporarily occupied territories defined in Ukrainian legislation.

Expected results

·         At least 2,000 new Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs) created;

·         At least 4,000 HOAs (both newly established and pre-existing ones) provided with training and consultancy support;

·         Not less than 480,000 people across Ukraine benefitting from the project;

·         Not less than a million people increasing their awareness of energy efficiency.

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October 2018 – September 2020


Focus area:

24 regions of Ukraine


Amount contributed:

€4 million EURO

Donor name:

European Union




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