Rule of Law and Community Justice for Conflict-Affected Areas in Ukraine

Photo credit: Anastasia Vlasova / UNDP Ukraine

Project summary

Since February 2014, Ukraine has experienced a rapid change in its political, social, and economic landscape. The protests at the Maidan, the change in government, the occupation of Crimea, and the outbreak of armed conflict in the east have created an immense and urgent set of challenges for Ukraine’s government and society.

These upheavals have further weakened the rule of law, increased corruption, and led to a widespread and often severe violation of human rights, both in areas outside and within government control. This, in turn, has exacerbated general discontent with and distrust of government, as well as creating great personal and community insecurity in conflict-affected areas.

This project was developed, in part, in order to respond to the recommendations set out in Part 4 of the Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment which was published in 2015. It seeks to strengthen the protection of human security and rule of law at the community level.

Project goals:

1) to strengthen personal and community security in conflict-affected areas

2) to increase community justice through capable institutions for rights-based service delivery and effective access to justice

Expected results

- Improved individual and community awareness of rights and risks in the conflict-affected areas

- Law enforcement and local authority service providers have better skills and understanding of their responsibilities to the community

- Improved coordination between citizens, law enforcement bodies, local authorities and other stakeholders to promote community security

- Institutionalised primary and secondary legal aid system providing quality legal aid service to the vulnerable and conflict- affected population, including victims of sexual and gender-based violence.          

- Justice sector personnel are more responsive to community security needs especially conflict-related crime and sexual and gender-based violence

- Access to information and transparency in the courts is enhanced

- Reduced physical obstacles to justice-service delivery and a mechanism for conflict-related restitution.

The project will pilot a series of interventions, which build upon UNDP’s traditional strengths in Ukraine: community-based development, civil society networks, and public engagement. It will provide a two-way link between local communities and the national level reform efforts, as well as serving to strengthen reconstruction efforts in the eastern part of Ukraine.





Project start date:

August 2015

Estimated end date:

May 2019

Focus area:

  • build resilience to shocks and crisis
  • Funding Support by

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  • Government Of Netherlands
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    2019 $2,490

    2018 $1,475,015

    2017 $1,359,968

    2016 $668,087

    2015 $91,866

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