Sustainable Development and Environment


Ukraine has the unique status of being home to some of the richest natural environments and resources in Europe while at the same time being one of the most heavily polluted countries in the region. Ukraine is one of the least energy efficient countries in the world. 

Effective management of natural resources and environmental protection are essential to preserve life-supporting biological systems, improve the quality of life and reduce poverty in Ukraine. Poor environmental management in the past has resulted in an increased number of natural and man-made disasters in recent years in Ukraine, and worsened the health of the population. At present, 40% of the total territory of Ukraine is now eroded land, and is growing at approximately 80,000 hectares annually. At the same time, it has many natural assets in biodiversity and international waters of global importance and its industrial activities and energy consumption practices have important implications for global climate change.

What We Do

UNDP is helping Ukraine to address climate change mitigation both at the policy level through advocacy and policy advice and through practical initiatives: development of the energy efficient lightning market, supporting local energy efficiency initiatives and community organizations working in the energy and environment area. 

Realizing the gaps in public awareness, UNDP invests in education and awareness raising campaigns on energy efficiency targeting youth in particular.

Newly launched projects in energy-efficiency in public buildings and bioenergy for municipal sector will contribute to energy security of the country. 

Market share of energy efficient lighting products increased by 11% nationwide while the level of household’s investments to the energy-efficiency almost doubled in 2014 due to a number of UNDP interventions in consumer behavior change.

2500 schools and 300 000 participants received education materials and nteractive training on energy efficiency. 

Expert support to the development of the National Low Carbon Growth Strategy and Ukraine’s position in global climate change negotiations with GHG emission targets identication will strengthen country’s capacity in climate change mitigation.



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