Improving community security and access to justice

A community-based approach is highly important not only for improving the security and justice sectors in Ukraine, but also for restoring trust and social cohesion in society.

UNDP is providing substantive support to communities in eastern Ukraine to improve co-operation with the police, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, state and judicial authorities. Joint efforts help overcome all the challenges that come along the way in the security sector.

·      UNDP supported more than 110 local initiatives to improve community security and support local development, including installation of street lighting, fences and municipal video surveillance systems, speed bumps and zebra crossings.

·      Two legal aid offices were opened at crossing points in Novotroitske and Mariinka, both in Donetsk Oblast.

·      Over 1,600 survivors of sexual and gender-based violence received legal aid and psychological assistance.

·      To raise awareness about the rights of IDPs and to address sexual and gender-based violence, UNDP launched the “Your Right” mobile app that provides detailed instructions and step-by-step guidelines for IDPs and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

·      Conference call systems were installed in 32 towns in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts ensuring effective, well-coordinated and prompt service delivery in the security sector.

·      A community security network has been launched in nine villages along the ‘contact line’ helping local governments, the police and community members to address and minimize security threats.

·      Security working groups have been created in 22 communities engaging representatives of communities, business, local governments and the police in regular meetings.

Promoting social cohesion and peacebuilding

Social cohesion is the key factor that holds together society and is therefore an integral part of recovery, development and peacebuilding.

UNDP, together with UNICEF and IOM, has launched the USE (the UN SCORE for Eastern Ukraine), an analytical tool that identifies challenges to social cohesion in conflict-affected communities.

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